Fury as Furious Politicians Spit Fury at Furious Voters

LONDON - England - There was fury at a rally in Parliament square yesterday as furious crowds of furious protesters reacted furiously to furious Coalition politicians attending a march that sparked off a lot of fury.

Amongst the fury raging in the crowds of people attending the fury induced march there was even more fury when the furious police arrived and stirred up even more fury than anticipated.

“I’ve seen spitting fury before, but this was different. You could actually see the veins on some of the politicians, coppers and assembled peoples’ foreheads bulging furiously. I swear, at one point I saw a furious Conservative politician, Ron Harris MP for Hanwell South, steaming bloody fury from his ears, he was that bloomin’ furious,” a bystander, who was caught up in the furious melee told the BBC.

No one yet knows what the assembled march was about but there was a lot of fury involved.

“At one point I feared for my life, because at one end there were furious politicians and at the other were the furious crowds of protesters, somewhere in the middle were the furious police striking out with their batons furiously. I couldn’t tell who was more furious but there was so much fury that I think I let out a little pee into my knickers. Like it was a little squirt, nothing to write home about,” Esther Gastronome, who was on a shopping trip from Norfolk, told ITN news.