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Corrupt Politicians Investigating Corrupt Media Investigating Corrupt Police

LONDON - England - Corrupt MPs have called in corrupt News International journalists and managers for a full investigation of police corruption, media corruption and parliamentary corruption.

“We are investigating corruption in the Murdoch owned media while the corrupt media have investigated us for corruption of MPs expenses and the corrupt police are investigating other corrupt police officer, corrupt journalists and MPs whilst being investigated themselves by corrupt politicians and corrupt News International papers,” Keith Vaz, a twice convicted corrupt MP told a commons hearing this morning.

Corrupt evidence presented to a committee of corrupt MPs reviewing the corrupt police investigation into the Murdoch corruption scandal has pointed the insidious finger of corruption at pretty much everyone.

“Everyone in this room is a cowardly corrupt swine. What are you all going to do about it?” a member of the public shouted from the gallery.

All the MPs, policemen and journalists assembled in the corruption chamber then hung their heads in shame, some even slinking out unnoticed never to be seen or heard of ever again.

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