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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Labour-ite Scorned

LONDON - England - Rupert Murdoch switched sides from Labour to Conservative after Blair was ousted by Brown and Balls. Things went downhill rapidly for the Labour government until they were finally ousted by the Con Dem partnership. Now it is revenge time.

Bring out the Labour attack dogs. As much as they have ruined our country and its economy, they had made a Faustian pact with Murdoch under Tony Blair and he pretended to support them until a bigger better deal came along, and that was David Cameron.

Now the scorned labour-ites have brought the knives out for Murdoch and his evil merry men and women of News International and they may very well succeed in sinking the ship with its precious cargo of filth.

“This is Labour’s ace card. They planned well in advance to leak this underhand hacking stuff to the world. Funny, it was alright when Labour were in the driving seat, but now that the Conservatives are in power it is a different story. Labour was all too happy to turn a blind eye to the major corruption of all News international journalists and police when it suited the Labour agenda,” a Westminster political commentator told the Independent newspaper.

No one likes Gordon Brown, but he still has garnered major sympathy from the public because of the way the evil Murdoch-created gargoyle Rebekah Brooks has conducted herself concerning Brown’s disabled son. This is a man who brought in more surveillance and Big brother controls than Stalin ever wished to have in Russia, it seems he did not like it much when others were watching him and looking through his records.

“On a human level, one would have sympathy with Brown, however, he was all too happy to use the services of News International when his government was in power under Tony Blair. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Except, this time, he’s exacting his revenge on being scorned by the Murdochs and the voters,” a Fleet Street journo told the BBC.

And what news of David Cameron? Well, with his reputation now in tatters, he was tricked by the Murdoch empire and may never recover his credibility because of his association with the lepers of News International.

This News International strain of media corruption will of course be used by the government to increase control of the media and destroy Britain’s famous freedom of the press. One thing is for sure, do we want a press that is similar in vain to American and French mainstream journalism where everything is heavily censored, skewed and controlled by the government? Surely not.

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  1. I agree with the article up to 'feeling symapathy for Brown' No, everyone hates him for the mess he left us in. Even hardline lefties are writing him out of the 'Labour history' as we speak. As for Cameron, I think he can easily ride this one out, after all it all happened under Labour's control! & employing Coulson won't have any voting change on the vast majority of people.

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