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Goebbels Minister of Disinformation Post for Another Harry Job

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former prince Harry is now also working under the auspices of Rupert Murdoch's son, and the wing who caused his mother so much trouble.

Farewell to Bill O’Reilly

CHICAGO - USA - Fox News Anchor, Bill O'Reilly has finally been ousted from the network.

Buckingham Palace Nazi Leak Suspect Taken to Tower of London

LONDON - England - The Queen of England has ordered the proprietor and owner of the Sun newspaper, Rupert Murdoch, to be brought to the Tower of London, Buckingham palace officials have revealed.

Sun Newspaper to Have Zero Sales

LONDON - England - First it was the News of the World, now the Sun is about to set on Page 3 rendering the newspaper devoid of any sales.

Murdoch Releases Video of Secret Blair Meeting

NEW YORK - USA - Media magnate, Rupert Murdoch has released a secret video recording of a confrontational meeting he had with ex PM Tony Blair.

20th Century Fox Film Review ‘Farewell My Little Concubine’

NEW YORK - USA - We review the latest big budget offering from Fox studios touted as this summer's blockbuster.

Murdoch Can’t Get His Page 3 Up Anymore

NEW YORK - USA - News from the Twitterverse that the aging Newscorp publisher is having trouble getting his Page 3 up is a sad sign of decline for the once virile publisher of the Sun newspaper.

Murdoch: “Don’t You Dare Tell the Truth Mr Scarfe”

LONDON - England - Questions, questions, questions. Like, why is it OK to be anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Palestinian but as soon as anyone so much as says something vaguely critical about the Israeli government or Jewish people they are immediately silenced, told they are anti-semitic, and erased from all forms of media?

Rupert Murdoch Is Not That Important For Whole UK Press to...

LONDON - England - Why should the British press be shut down because of one man's media empire which messed everything up? These are the moral and just questions emanating from some people who still believe in freedom of speech.

Murdoch to Punish the English For Disobeying Him

NEW YORK - USA - Rupert Murdoch has vowed to punish the English for their rejection of his grip on the media and underhand techniques in acquiring information.

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