Rupert Murdoch Is Not That Important For Whole UK Press to be Regulated

LONDON - England - Why should the British press be shut down because of one man's media empire which messed everything up? These are the moral and just questions emanating from some people who still believe in freedom of speech.

Rupert Murdoch is not in jail, neither are his deputies and the people who did his dirty work for him. These people are all free, they were never brought to justice, and will never be prosecuted for their crimes.

The hypocritical narcissistic greedy celebrities who were caught up in this mess are just as culpable as Murdoch and his fiendish agents of News Corp. because they courted these Murdochite entities with all their might. They would not be who they are now without the media attention they craved.

“Rupert Murdoch is not important enough to warrant all this mania. Why should we shut down the whole British press because of one arsehole? That’s like saying you’re going to arrest every driver on the road because one driver was caught drinking. This is simply a ploy from the controllers up on high to shut down freedom of speech even further than they already have. It is simply another method of control. They created the problem, then they got some celebrity stooges for an outcry, added a few public voices into the mix and now they’re trying to shut the whole lot down,” a media specialist for XDC Media in London told Reuters.