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D-DAY: Remembering the Brave Heroes Who Fought on Operation Overlord

NORMANDY - France - Today is the commemoration of D-Day, Operation Overlord 80 years ago where the brave heroes from Britain, America and Canada fought for our freedoms.

Every soldier who was involved in some way on D-Day was a hero, and here we highlight some of the brave British heroes involved on Operation Overlord. The men who fought for our hard-won freedoms that we should preserve from erosion today, 80 years after the Normandy landings.

We must not lose these freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to express all of our human emotions, including the right to offend. It is crucial to educate the younger generations in what happened on D-Day and the entire second world war. Much like the Allies fought against Nazism, Wokism/Cancel Culture, is a subversive authoritarian ideology incorporating ideological elements of fascism and communism, and is a threat attempting to erode the West’s hard won freedoms.

We must never forget those who fought and sacrificed their lives during the war, and on campaigns like Operation Overlord. Today, there are only a few veterans of D-Day alive.

d-day operation overlord

Captain Alfred Rowe

We remember Captain Alfred Rowe, a British soldier who played a crucial role during the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.

Captain Alfred Rowe served as a Beach Master with the Middlesex Regiment on Gold Beach. His responsibilities were critical to the success of the invasion.

As a Beach Master, Rowe’s job was to manage the landing zone, ensuring that troops, vehicles, and supplies moved efficiently off the beach and into the inland areas. This task was extremely dangerous because it required constant exposure to enemy fire while coordinating the evacuation of casualties and directing the incoming waves of men and materials.

During the intense bombardment and chaos of the landings, Rowe remained focused on his duties despite the heavy shelling and machine-gun fire from the German defenders. His bravery and leadership under such perilous conditions were instrumental in maintaining the flow of reinforcements and supplies, which was vital for establishing the beachhead.

RAF Sergeant Bernard Morgan

Bernard Morgan was the youngest RAF sergeant to land on Gold Beach during D-Day, 6th June 1944. He enlisted on his 18th birthday in 1942. In this interview with Jonathan Kempster of the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive, Bernard explains how and why he ended up under fire on a Normandy beach, serving as a code and cypher operator. His unit fought on through Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, before hearing the news of Germany’s surrender in May 1945.


Sergeant Stan Scott

Another brave D-DAY hero is Sergeant Stan Scott of No. 3 Commando. He landed on Sword Beach and was involved in fierce fighting as his unit moved inland. His commando unit played a crucial role in disrupting German defences and supporting the main invasion forces. Scott’s experiences highlight the courage and determination of the commandos, who faced formidable opposition and difficult terrain in their efforts to secure key objectives.


These stories of bravery and resilience exemplify the extraordinary efforts of the British soldiers during the Normandy invasion, contributing to the ultimate success of Operation Overlord and the crucial fight against Nazism eighty years ago.

National Army Museum


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