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Women Should be Allowed to Masturbate on Beaches if they Want

GEORGIA - USA - Women should be allowed to masturbate on beaches or wherever they want to do it.


The horrific level of policing in America is a terrible blight on women who innocently want to masturbate on beaches. If women want to have orgasms, they should be allowed to do so without arrest. Shouldn’t the police in Georgia be pursuing real criminals instead of innocent women simply gratifying a natural human need? Women should be allowed to masturbate wherever they fucking well want to.

“Women having orgasms is a beautiful thing, and I wish more would do it in public. This world would be a better place if women showed off their orgasm powers more. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing when they get all flushed and start those little noises,” someone in favour of women masturbating in public revealed.

Christina Revels-Glick, who was 34 at the time, was approached by cops after families reported her salacious behaviour on Tybee Island beach on July 1, 2021.

Bodycam footage from the officers who arrested her was released this week, showing her breaking down as she was handcuffed and marched away from the sand.

Christina explained that she just slipped in her vibrator to have a quick orgasm because she felt like it.

As for the prudes who reported Christina for having a little fun, those people are the reason this world is in the sorry state it is.

We want to praise Christina Revels-Glick for her bravery in pursuing freedom to orgasm and if she is ever in London, England she can find sanctuary in our orgasmic offices where anything goes. Here’s to human freedom and the right for women to be allowed to masturbate in public.

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