Murdoch Can’t Get His Page 3 Up Anymore

NEW YORK - USA - News from the Twitterverse that the aging Newscorp publisher is having trouble getting his Page 3 up is a sad sign of decline for the once virile publisher of the Sun newspaper.

“Whatever Wendi does, poor old Rupert can’t get his Page 3 up and he’s now resorted to tweeting about how outdated it is. I actually feel very sad about the whole thing,” Jonny Graham, 42, a welder, and avid Page 3 fan from Blackpool revealed in the Sun today.

The Sun newspaper’s staff are bracing for the bad news from their impuissant boss.

“Rupert has lost the plot, I mean he’s been getting his Page 3 up since 1969 and now he can’t. I know you’re old mate but don’t be such a killjoy to others, purely because of your own shortcomings” one of the Sun’s staff members quipped.