There’s Some Bad News About the Tesco Value Beer As Well..

GRINDLECHESTER - England - Brace yourselves, you know that cheap beer you were drinking the other night and thought it was beer, well it kind of wasn't beer.

Your mince may have been 100% condemned donkey meat from Romania but come on chaps lay off the beer.

It seems that bad news travels in multiples of ten these days, as Tesco’s Value Lager has now been analysed to have 89% horse urine.

“Well, it tasted like horse piss so it goes without saying that it was what it f*cking tasted like,” Harry Hattersly, 23, from Bognor Regis told the Daily Mail.

The Tesco Value range lager costs 23 pence a can and has been a big hit across the country.

After an independent laboratory recently tested the beer, it was discovered to contain 89% horse and 11% donkey urine.

“That Tesco value beer’s like rocket fuel and it has a lovely frothy head. I was drinking it at a friend’s barbecue last summer, you know with those 100% beef burgers and all. Good times, innit,” Gavin Munter, 23, from Walsall told the BBC news.

As for the chicken, well best not to ask what that actually is either..