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There’s Some Bad News About the Tesco Value Beer As Well..

GRINDLECHESTER - England - Brace yourselves, you know that cheap beer you were drinking the other night and thought it was beer, well it kind of wasn't beer.

Tesco Horse Races at Cheltenham This Year

CHELTENHAM - England - It's good news for the Cheltenham race course as Tesco will be running their horses this year again.

New Tesco Value Jobseeker's Allowance is Bestseller

CHESHUNT - England - The Tesco Value Brand has a new product that is flying off the shelves, especially for unemployed Britons all over the country.

Cross Dressing Cage Fighter Ruck With Gay Rugby Players Ruins Tesco...

BASILDON - England - There was mayhem yesterday when a charity celebrity Tesco superstore opening ceremony descended into chaos.

Rise of Tescoism Threatens World

LONDON - England - The gradual rise of Tescoism across the world is worrying nations who have not yet been invaded by Tesco and who are fighting to keep the Tesco regime out of their countries.

Tesco to Open Tesco Store in Tesco Store

SCUNTHORPE - England - Tesco superstores have announced the opening of another Tesco branch inside an existing Tesco superstore in Northern England.

Great Britain to be Renamed Tesco Island

Tescondon - Isle of Tesco - The former country of Britain and numerous cities, towns and counties have all been renamed to reflect the diversity of the United Kingdom of Tesco.

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