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Tesco Horse Races at Cheltenham This Year

CHELTENHAM - England - It's good news for the Cheltenham race course as Tesco will be running their horses this year again.

“First we run the old nags, then when they saunter over the finishing line after about an hour, they’re led off to the knackers yard behind the racecourse and soon served up to the racing punters in their burgers,” Tesco manager, Bill Jabbs, told the Racing Post.

There is some good news though, the Cheltenham Festival will be graced with royalty this year as Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are set to attend.

“Charlie better watch out for Camilla because if those Tesco boys get a hold of her she will be mincemeat,” a racing punter quipped.

Next time you see a Tesco Everyday Value burger, just think, that was the 2.15 at Cheltenham yesterday.

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