Yes But If It Was a Greek Pope He Would Have Retired at 45

VATICAN CITY - Italy - There is some consolation for the Catholic church that they got a good innings from their German pope, for if it had been a Greek, things would have been a lot worse.

“Not only do most high earning Greeks not pay an ounce of tax but they all retire on full EU pensions and perks by the age of 45. At least we had a pope who worked until the age of 86 don’t you think?” Gabriel Santorini, a Catholic worshipper at St Peter’s Basilica said today.

The sudden resignation of pope Benedict XVI has taken many people by surprise and his old age seems to have unfortunately caught up with him.

“It is the same thing in Germany where workers retire at a much advanced age compared to certain countries in the Southern European portion of the eurozone, naming no names of course, ahem,” Alfred Schonberg, a prominent business leader from Berlin revealed.

It is a good thing that the Greeks are Orthodox and that scenario could never be played out anyway.