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Palace Tells Kate Middleton She Might Have to Wear Burkini From Now On

LONDON - England - Buckingham palace aides have told the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, that she may have to wear a burkini from now on when she is at the seaside.

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The burkini fashioned by Muslim women, has also been adopted by celebrities like Nigella Lawson, especially during a recent beach holiday to the South of France.

It is increasingly being used by non-Muslim female celebrities as a way of preserving their modesty from the prying eyes of waiting paparazzi.

“Unfortunately the recent topless photos and the latest Italian nude pregnancy snaps published by an Italian celebrity magazine are the last straw that broke the camels back. We have thus instructed Kate to go burkini shopping in Dubai or somewhere around Marble Arch,” one of the palace aides told the BBC.

There has been palace fury directed at Kate Middleton’s uninvited photographers and publishers and someone needs to put a stop to this immediately.

“She takes a six figure taxpayer funded luxury holiday every three weeks so we will need to be vigilant in our stand against the paparazzi,” a key palace spokesman said yesterday.

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