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20th Century Fox Film Review ‘Farewell My Little Concubine’

NEW YORK - USA - We review the latest big budget offering from Fox studios touted as this summer's blockbuster.

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The latest Rom-Com from Fox will have you glued to the edge of your seat, just don’t forget the tube of super glue when you go to the cinema.

The plot revolves around an 82-year-old media tycoon who pays for a young concubine for one night but ends up keeping her for a little while longer before discarding her.

‘Farewell My Little Concubine’ is a tour de force of amazing power struggles, a hacking espionage flick showcasing an empire’s rise and decline plus some amazing fight scenes as the beautiful concubine protects her ageing master during a court hearing.

“I went to see this film and thought it was awful, especially the part where the concubine was ordered to clean her master’s balls before a press conference. I mean, did they have to show that? Was it really necessary?” a shocked cinema-goer at a test screening revealed yesterday.

Thankfully ‘Farewell My Little Concubine’ will be scheduled for general release in 2035 or maybe never.

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