Cameron to Feed His Kids GMO Food

LONDON - England - David Cameron has opened the way to Britain relaxing rules on genetically modified food by feeding his children with GMO products.

He’s already lost one child, why not the others? Surely, this rather cruel jibe by an anti-GMO food lobbyist is below the belt, but is it warranted under the circumstances of the toxic nature of GMO?

The Prime Minister said he wanted to foster a “pro-science culture” in the UK by feeding his own children GMO foods, in other words he had received orders from Monsanto and the US that he had to push through the ‘Frankenstein Food’ that will increase levels of cancer and present food to the public with little or no nutritional value.

The comments come ahead of a major speech by Environment secretary Owen Paterson on Thursday next week which is set to signal a change in GM policy.

“The amount of pesticides that are pumped into GMO foods are deadly and may increase crop yield but invariably leach into the food. We’re talking seriously carcinogenic toxins that will poison the populations even further. Genetically modified food also serves another purpose, it weakens the populations because the base nutrients are taken out of the food. This is why we are having a dumbed down population explosion because kids are not getting the necessary nutrients for normal brain growth. This is why we are getting an explosion in untreatable cancers, autism in kids and deficient health. The elite, of course do not eat GMO and they get their water from different supplies to the rest of the population,” a Health Ministry worker revealed yesterday.

The Coalition has allowed small-scale cultivation trials for GM food and are now planning widespread GMO crop cultivation.

Mr Cameron added: “Science always has the answer to population control. Remember what Zbigniew Brzezinski said ‘it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….’ and this is what GMO does — it kills slowly but surely.”