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Tony Blair Strikes Gold in China

SHANDENG - China - Tony Blair has allegedly struck gold in a Chinese mine where there is a lot of gold.

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“Deng Dong! I’ve struck gold,” Mr Blair announced yesterday after a few months of serious digging.

“If you dig deep enough into the mine, you eventually strike gold. I have a good spade, and I have been careful in the mine shaft, but now I can add China to my worldwide portfolio,” Mr Blair added.

During his gold digging exploration Tony Blair caught a serious case of Dengue fever though and at one time was laid out for two weeks.

Mr Blair’s wife Cherie said: “I nursed our Tony back to rude health and soon he was back out there digging for gold deep in the Chinese mine. What a top notch hubby he is.”

Close friend to Tony Blair and Media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch said: “Tony’s been digging deep in the Chinese mines. I told him if he finds any gold, to give us a bit because I haven’t had any for bloody ages.”

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