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Tulisa to Perform For Court Judge on Cocaine Case

ESSEX - England - Ex X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavrosopoulos is to perform one of her usual tricks on a judge for her new court case so she can get off a drugs rap, she has told the Sun newspaper.

“She’s used to performing for judges so she can get roles on TV, so she’s going to visit the judge’s house before her court case. This is quite a well rehearsed routine for Tulisa and she is guaranteed to get what she wants,” a Music Biz insider revealed today.

The talented starlet is used to getting her own way and will go to the judge’s house armed with her own x-factor knee pads which have ensured her meteoric rise in the music industry.

“It’s a tried and tested method she has used for years, and she is no stranger to the white stuff,” her agent and drug dealer boyfriend, Biggie Blackcox, told the Sun.

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  1. Dun b nockin Tulisa she da bestest n-dub evah. Bet u cant do wot she does? N-Dubz 4 EVAHHH@


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