If You Ever Lose Your Bookmarks At Least Now You Can Just Ask the NSA

NEW YORK - USA - Computer had a melt down? Accidentally wiped your internet bookmarks? If you haven't backed up your data, there is always a solution. Just ask the NSA, CIA or even president Obama.

“I had a problem with my HD and wiped everything last night by mistake. I had all my financial records on there for my company and some crucial templates. Well, I just called the NSA and they sent me an up-to-date copy of everything from last night. This is incredible, thank you so much,” Dean Albright, 57, a CEO of an online bakery in Chicago told CNN.

These are truly amazing times we are living in now where your every move is tracked, logged and stored for generations to come.

“I phoned the CIA up and told them I lost all my browser bookmarks going back to 2010. They sent me a monthly report of everything I’d been up to since that time, and an analysis of my surfing habits as well as a prediction of what I would be up to within the next week. To say I was gobsmacked is putting it lightly,” George Orwell, told CBS Tech news last night.