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Espionage Experts: Google China Search Engine Data Will Go Straight to...

VIRGINIA - USA - The Google search engine in China will afford intelligence agencies a perfect window for gathering of crucial data about the regime and its people.

Obama For Prison

WASHINGTON D.C. – USA – According to Republican Devin Nunez Nunes, Obama is guilty as hell for wiretapping Trump during the run up to the 2016 election.

Obama Speech: Marxism Needs You, Says Outgoing President

CHICAGO - USA - President Barack Obama has called on Americans to defend their non democracy in his farewell speech in Chicago.

German Finds Perfect Way to Foil NSA Spies

MUNICH - Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to increasingly desperate lengths to preserve German national interests.

Snowden Probably Knows About 911

MOSCOW - Russia - What is that devastating piece of information that Snowden says he knows that could be so painful for the American government?

Today’s NSA Stock Picks

LONDON - England - Our resident stock picker, Alan Sharpish has compiled a list of five great stocks that will be an amazing addition to your portfolio.

Snowden Could Get Sanctuary On the Moon

MOSCOW - Russia - NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden could get sanctuary on the moon, a Russian billionaire has told Russia's state news service.

Commies are Now Bugging Commies

HAMBURG - Germany - There has been German fury that Obama's NSA has been bugging their EU communications.

From Now On All Private Emails Will Be Public Says Obama

WASHINGTON DC - USA - In a new transparency drive by the White House and in the wake of the NSA snooping row, President Obama has vowed to make all private emails, social media conversations and telephone calls public.

NSA Pizza Delivery Service Even Knows Your Favourite Toppings

MARYLAND - USA - The National Security Agency (NSA) knows so much about everyone that they can now order you a pizza with your favourite toppings.

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