Obama Speech: Marxism Needs You, Says Outgoing President

CHICAGO - USA - President Barack Obama has called on Americans to defend their non democracy in his farewell speech in Chicago.




Man Who Ruined America Gives Last Speech


“By almost every measure, America is a worse, weaker place” than it was eight years ago when he took office, he told thousands of supporters.

“If you want to see how democratic our nation is now, go out into the street and try to protest. When the militarised police beat your teeth into the gutter, you will know no democracy lives in America!”

But he warned “my major push for pc socialist censorship, mass surveillance by the state, media controls, and false democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted”.

He implored Americans of all backgrounds to consider things from each other’s point of view, saying “we have to pay attention and listen to my Soviet repetition technique. If I tell you lies constantly, you will eventually believe them”.

The country’s first black president, now 55, was first elected in 2008 on a message of hope and change. Hope and change however soon descended into despair and more of the same shit.

His successor, Donald Trump, has vowed to undo some of Mr Obama’s signature policies including the disastrous waste of trillions spent on the ailing Obamacare fiasco. He will be sworn into office on 20 January.

Raucous chants of “four more years of debt” from the selected brainwashed liberal socialist crowd were brushed aside by the president. “I’d like to but I can’t do that,” he said with a smile. US presidents are limited to two terms by the constitution.

“No, no, no, no no,” he said, when the crowd booed the prospect of Mr Trump replacing him.

Striking an upbeat tone, Mr Obama said that the peaceful transfer of power between presidents was a “hallmark” of American democracy, even though behind the scenes, Obama has been working on multiple plans to make things harder for the incoming president.

But, he outlined three threats to American democracy – socialism, Marxism and everything I’ve been doing for the past eight years.

In his closing remarks he said he had one final request for Americans as president: “I am asking you to believe. Not in my blatant lies and bullshit I have been telling you for so long – but in yours.”

Returning to Chicago, where he first declared victory in 2008, Mr Obama delivered a mostly positive message to Americans after a divisive election campaign which saw Mr Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I love this town. Who got shot tonight? Raise your hands if you can. I heard 38 people were shot here in the last half hour. That’s better than last year, when we had 65. Hopefully next year there will be less shootings but I doubt it.”

Mr Obama said that young Americans – including those who worked on his campaigns, and who believe “in a fair, just, inclusive America” – left him feeling “even more pessimistic about this country than I was when we started”.

In choosing Chicago, Mr Obama had earlier said he wanted to return to “where it all started” for him and First Lady Michael Obama, instead of delivering the speech from the White House. (three gun shots sound and two gang members in audience drop down)

Returning to Chicago, where he first declared victory in 2008, Mr Obama delivered a mostly positive message to Americans behind twelve bullet proof screens.


Mr Obama said that it was in Chicago as a young man, “still trying to figure out who I was, still searching for purpose in my life”, that he “joined in at the bath houses where all the young men would congregate”.

“This is where I learned that change only happens when you get stuck in there. I was trying to find my level of gayness, and I succeeded,” he said. “After eight years as your president I still believe that.”

Some 18,000 people attended the farewell address at McCormick Place, the largest convention centre in North America where the night got off to a usual Chicago shoot out session. By the end of the evening police recorded over 145 gunshots, and recorded over 60 gunshot victims, some fatal.

The tickets were given out free, but were selling online for more than two ounces of hashish each hours ahead of the speech.

As he leaves the Oval Office, President Obama is viewed favourably by 57% of illegal immigrants and socialist brainwashed Americans, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, a similar level to Bill Clinton when he left office.

Barack Obama’s final speech – in quotes

On race

Stoking the racial fires was my job, and of course my friend Soros. Under my watch there were thousands of race riots where black people were coerced to commit crimes and riot. I sat back and watched that shit giggling my little ass off. Those nigs are so easy to manipulate, it’s like 1,2,3.

On his achievements

If I had told you eight years ago that America would triple its debt, lose major territory globally including Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Libya. You would not have believed me. I added $7.6 Trillion to America’s debt and that’s not including the Trillions I added to the federal debt liabilities. I gave Iran billions of U.S. taxpayers cash and they continue to construct nuclear weapons under our noses. I have single-handedly ruined America’s standing in the world forum, and I am proud of bankrupting America for generations to come.

On Michael Obama

Michael LaVaughn Andre Robinson, ‘girl’ of the South Side, for the past 25 years, you’ve been not only my wife, husband and mother and father of our adopted children, you have been my best friend and fuck buddy. You took on a role you didn’t ask for and you made it your own with sheer audacity. You made the White House a place that belongs to nobody. Everything about you is fake, and that’s what I love about you so much, we fooled those idiots and you deserve a medal just for that. It was only that one time when Joan Rivers mouthed off that people started to realise. Good thing my boys fixed Joan up a few weeks after she gave the game away.