Snowden Probably Knows About 911

MOSCOW - Russia - What is that devastating piece of information that Snowden says he knows that could be so painful for the American government?

Most certainly Vladimir Putin knows about that special piece of information that could be rather embarrassing to the U.S. government if it was divulged to the public, this is why Mr Putin has told Snowden he will give him asylum only if he keeps his mouth shut from divulging further leaks. It would probably not be in Russia’s best interest if things were to go awry across the pond.

You don’t have to be a brainbox or security analyst to know what would damage the U.S. more than anything else in the world.

New American Century

“I always like to say, if you want to find out who did something, you have to look at who benefited from an action. Hmmm, now let’s see. Who benefited from 911? Cui bono? The Arabs and Muslims certainly did not benefit, and they were the ones who supposedly committed those atrocities. You see, there it is. Now, let’s go further with this. What would the American people do if they found out who really engineered 911? Personally, I don’t know what the American people would do. All I can say is, some people know and some just choose to carry on still knowing but feel they have too much to lose if they tried to do anything about it. Therefore, they secretly in their hearts accept it,” Dan Innocentu, a man who witnessed the twin towers demolition in 2001 told a radio program today.

Let’s hope that Snowden does not reveal any more information.