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New London Postcards Unveiled

LONDON - England - New postcards have been unveiled by the London Tourist Board showing the changing face of the capital city.

Gone are the Beefeaters, Tower Bridge and Big Ben which have now been replaced by homeless Roma travellers camped out in every conceivable green space within the capital.

“I think these new postcards are great. They show Park Lane and and the wonderful shot of a Romanian beggar cleaning his feet in a bucket next to Buckingham Palace was a wonderful touch. I’m sure tourists all over the world are going to want to come here more so they can have their pockets and passports pilfered by these shady characters,” Chris Mellors, spokesman for the London Tourist Board told the BBC.

There is further good news for Britain when in 2014, 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will be given free passes by the EU to come to the UK, and this will provide even more interesting material for tourists who come to the UK on their holidays to send postcards home with.

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