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NSA Leaker Could Have Memorial Statue in Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Some members of the U.S Congress are debating whether American hero, Edward Snowden should have his own memorial statue next to one of Thomas Jefferson.

If You Ever Lose Your Bookmarks At Least Now You Can...

NEW YORK - USA - Computer had a melt down? Accidentally wiped your internet bookmarks? If you haven't backed up your data, there is always a solution. Just ask the NSA, CIA or even president Obama.

NSA Snooping: People Now Turning to Carrier Pigeons For Everyday Correspondence

DELAWARE - USA - Carrier pigeons are big business now that all emails, internet use and traditional mail is screened and stored by the NSA, CIA, GCHQ etc..

Obama: “It’s Great to Read Peoples’ Private Emails and Social Networking...

WASHINGTON DC - USA - What the Daily Squib knew years ago is finally being admitted by the powers that be, and President Obama has been instrumental in the Stalinist techniques of complete surveillance.

Assange Trying to Tunnel to Ecuador

LONDON - England - Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange could be tunnelling to South American country Ecuador, the Home Office fears.

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