Obama: “It’s Great to Read Peoples’ Private Emails and Social Networking Stuff”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - What the Daily Squib knew years ago is finally being admitted by the powers that be, and President Obama has been instrumental in the Stalinist techniques of complete surveillance.

It’s not exactly a revelation that the NSA, CIA and every other agency under the sun has had carte blanche with your digital data, but what will be more startling in the next few days, weeks, months and years is the fact that people will carry on using these governmental data collection devices because they are now completely hooked on them.

The Daily Squib was writing about Social Surveillance three years ago, and we’ve already discussed the drawbacks of smartphones and how the internet is being threatened by corporate government.

Household Names are Involved Heavily

“People don’t actually care any more that all their data is logged and stored in Utah or GCHQ in the UK. It’s a form of apathy that indicates a social shift in populations across the globe, where people are controlled to such a level within their programmed consumerist rage, that there is no going back for them. All your household friendly software/hardware companies are in league and are part of the Industrial Military Complex. They are all fronts for the government. If you think about it, the government has full rights to appropriate your data from these companies, because they essentially own them. The Government owns the land, they helped these companies rise up and they made damn sure these companies got all the breaks and green lights to succeed. The friendly face of Zuckerberg smiles at you whilst wearing flip flops from the Facebook head quarters, hey there’s no way he would mean you any harm. Well, you’re wrong, and it is truly harmful that a cowardly pawn like Zuckerberg is playing with and selling your data to whichever agency he pleases. That is wrong, and a dreadful cynical as well as evil thing to do. When are people going to realise that what is going on is intrinsically evil? These companies are demonic in nature, they may have innocent angelic fa├žades, but they are rotten to the core inside. Well, now that it is official about the PRISM project, why not look into the future and see what will change? Nothing!” a citizen concerned about his privacy told a mainstream news reporter before being heavily edited out.

Tim Berners Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, said a few words about the aspirations of controlling the internet yesterday, maybe he himself reads the Squib.