10 Lists of Internet List Article Lists That Are Pointless and Will Annoy You

LONDON - England - We have compiled a list of 10 articles that have a list on a subject or something that's meant to be quirky but is actually not that good and bloody annoying.





1) 5 Reasons Why This List of 5 Things Someone knocked Up and Posted on a Blog is Similar to 5 Other Articles on the Same Subject But Repeated in a Different Manner on Other Sites.

2) This List Article Lists 10 of the Latest Gadgets That You Must Buy Right Now

3) 10 Photos of Funny Incidents Taken From Google Images

4) 15 Keyword Rich Things Listed as a List Cleverly Disguised to Go Up Google’s Search Engine In the Vain Hope It Goes Viral

5) Just 2 Things in a List Article Which Of Course is Not Much of a List Really

6) 4 Reasons Why You Are Reading This List Right Now

7) 10 Lists on a Site Encapsulated Within a Venn Diagram of Things That You Really Need to Know But Never Knew You Did

8) Schindlers List

9) A List of a List of a List

10) This List