Why You’ve Got to Do Your Job Well So You can Pay Other Peoples’ Benefits

LONDON - England - The government has come up with a new initiative to encourage professionals to work longer hours and get taxed more money so that they can pay off Britain's vast benefits bill better.

“You’re not working hard enough. You need to do longer hours for less pay so that the habitual benefits families around Britain can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with their 3D TVs at your expense,” Nigel Ramley, a government spokesman for the Work Harder For Others initiative told the BBC.

As Tax Freedom Day gets further and further back every year, soon workers may find themselves celebrating it on New Year’s Eve.

“I want to make thousands of pounds and work for others to benefit from my work. It is my responsibility to work and have the majority of my salary taken from me and given to people who refuse to work,” a man from Putney, West London said as he started another gruelling work day at a Law firm in the City.

As the radio buzzes away in the background, do listen to the government public service announcements on a permanent loop telling you about the importance of working in a job so that you can pay the benefits and NHS bills of millions of other people every year of your working life.

“Off the record, It’s good to work, but remember to find a tax haven when you really start making money, otherwise you might as well not be working,” a specialist and very expensive accountant revealed.