Free Internet Wild West to be Finally Taxed and Shut Down

TEXAS - USA - As with all things new the days of the Frontier are gone, the internet Wild West is no longer a place where free speech reigned and people could download anything they ever dreamed about.

“As in everything, the authorities first wait until the Wild West Frontier towns are established, then when everyone’s comfy, the real law men ride into town and the tax men get down to making some real money,” a man who remembered the old internet said.

You may notice how free news sites are now under pay walls, free videos you used to watch are now subscription only and everything you purchase has now got a massive internet sales tax added to it. Well, you’re not dreaming, this is the new internet, the controlled one where free speech and thought are punished severely.

Copywriters and advertisers have made sites like YouTube unusable and social networks are there purely to farm user information to sell to third parties and governmental agencies.

“Not only are they shutting down all forms of free speech, they’re now monitoring and logging your every search query and action on the internet. With the shutting down of all freedom comes the taxation and tracking of all online transactions. Looks like the free internet was too good to be true,” a disappointed former internet surfer revealed yesterday.

Maybe someone some day will create a new internet where freedom will reign once again.