Sir David Attenborough Examines Phenomenon of ‘White Flight’ From Our Cities

LONDON - England - Just like migratory birds in the winter time, there are similarities to the phenomenon of 'White Flight' from our cities and rural enclaves every few years.

“It is a fascinating thing to watch over time. The Councils will come and put all the non-whites in one enclave, then the indigenous white populations move out of the area one by one soon leaving nothing else behind. As time goes by, there’s safety in numbers so more immigrants come and live together finally with an established colony. By that time, there has been a massive dispersal of the white population who have moved as far away as possible,” Sir David Attenborough said during filming of his latest fascinating series.

The film crew for the series had to wait many months in a makeshift fake disused building to film the phenomenon occurring.

“It took us many hours of waiting to film the time lapse sequences. Sometimes I felt I was back in the Serengeti stalking a lioness, but had to pinch myself when I realised I was in Bethnal Green, East London,” Doug Chapman, one of the cameramen for the BBC series told the Radio Times.

Segregated Ghettos

Sir David Attenborough examined the white flight phenomenon and the two-part series will try to come to understand it better.

“We think it’s something to do with the mass unfettered immigration. Like whole areas are flooded with immigrants resulting in white flight migrating away as they are outnumbered. From studying this, that’s just my professional opinion,” Sir Attenborough revealed.

White Flight, the series will start Thursday on BBC4