Why Social Networking Has Been Best Tool for Criminals and Governments

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Once upon a time it used to be quite hard for the government and criminals to get private data from individuals, nowadays the information gleaned from social networking sites is so vast that they have been overwhelmed.

Call them lemmings, call them sheep, call them the mass of people who have been suckered into revealing their every thought and plans on social networking sites. They are a sign of our times, a gift to the intelligence agencies, criminals, government offices, conglomerates and marketing companies.

In a time where there are no qualms about revealing personal details to anyone, the governments of the world have seen a mass bonanza of informative data telling them more about the populations than they ever hoped for. These agencies have utilised the narcissistic shallow desire for these individuals to promote every banal detail of their lives to great effect.

The new gold mine

“It has been a beautiful ploy. We made it ‘cool’ to join a social networking site, then their friends joined up. We also got the populace addicted to data, addicted to cyber networking, addicted to news, addicted to useless information. By utilising the Pavlovian techniques, the control system has been perfected with precision. We now know everything about these people, their habits, their deepest fears, their relationships with others, their financial affairs, what toothpaste they use, etc, etc,” a Pentagon official divulged to CNN.

Not only is the mass of data being mined by governments and shady organisations just below the periphery, the useful data is being mined by conglomerates and the consumerist network plugged into the social networking scam.

“We have so much data on everyone that we can actually plan out a day for any given person. This will be useful in the future because we know exactly how each person on these sites ticks, we know the strings to pull and we know how we can control you even better than we are already controlling you. Just you being on any of these sites is enough for us because we can gauge mass movements in population, your moods, your plans. As a government, we can manipulate you even further by implanting rumours into your social networking matrix, we can also see if there are small signs of rebellion and crush those early. We however have no fear of rebellion amongst you social networkers though, because you’re all a bunch of fucking lemmings brainwashed to accept your fate as institutionalised sado-masochists. What I say to you now, you will understand, you will digest this, but you will also carry on what you’re doing and after a few minutes forget about it,” the Pentagon source added.

Television programs like ‘Big Brother’ also made it acceptable and ‘cool’ for overt surveillance by the social psychologists.

“The morons who go on such shows are guinea pigs, brainless fuckers with unjustified egos the size of mountains, these people were used to make camera surveillance acceptable and actually desirable. The brainwashed idiots who watch the Big Brother shows are no better than the participants, walking zombies bereft of any thoughts or dignity. This is the kind of dumbed-down society we have been striving for for centuries,” a spokesman for an intelligence agency revealed.

As all the social networkers divulge every personal secret they have, every minuscule thought or opinion, they do not realise how their every thought is being mined, being manipulated, and ultimately, they are trapped inside the system that created these networks.

Remember folks, once you reveal something about yourself on a social networking site, it is logged forever.

Ultimately, as Bertrand Russell said, once the population is dumbed-down to even lower levels than they already are, they will be taught that snow is black. They will believe it as well.

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