Clandestine operations in China are imperative for the acquisition of data about the Chinese population and communist hierarchy, and this is one of the reasons why Google has been enlisted by Western intelligence agencies to do the dirty work of indirectly siphoning off huge amounts of data from the closed off firewall of China.

“You can’t get a better opportunity than this to glean crucial information about the communist Chinese than the Google search engine. The data will go directly to our intelligence agencies and will be utilised for future military operations. We do have some understanding about how the Chinese operate, however we need a more direct line, and thanks to Google, they stepped up,” one former member of the intelligence community revealed.

The secretive Chinese have effectively cut off their communist nation from the rest of the world with regards to the internet, and this is why there has to be a cleaner more agreeable method of information acquisition.

Human rights activists have recently voiced their concerns about Google venturing into the Chinese market due to the brutal nature of the communist regime in dealing with those who are not accepted by the communist party ideology, however this is no concern to Google or intelligence agencies. They just see the people who are arrested and brutally tortured by the Chinese authorities as collateral damage in a bigger game.

The data acquired will be of huge interest especially when it comes to the financial markets, global economics, and internal communist operations, as well as general information about the Chinese population as a whole.

China has been conducting blatant acts of stealing classified information from the West for some time, so this time, Google will be doing the honours for the West.

What is certain, is that the information which will be received from China with Operation Dragonfly will serve the West well. Another certainty, which has now been confirmed as a definite is that Google is a defacto arm of the United States military intelligence cloaked in a civilian disguise, that is now flapping in the wind, uncovered for all to see.