theresa may-treason650

Jean Claude Juncker was emphatic that the current BRINO deal will never be renegotiated by Brussels. Theresa May faffing around sniffing bottoms in Brussels will not achieve anything, and everyone knows it.

End of story.

Therefore, every Conservative MP who votes to keep on Theresa May in the no confidence vote is effectively voting for a BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) deal which is the only thing May is committed to producing.

There are some claims that May is saying she will step down before a general election, but only after she puts through her BRINO deal. This is not acceptable to Leave voters, and is a blatant betrayal.

Those MPs who thus vote to support May are not fit for purpose and have effectively betrayed every Leave voter who voted on June 23, 2016. Sir Bernard Jenkins, is definitely voting to oust May, and he has been one of the only logical people speaking about this no confidence vote.

In these circumstances, it should be known that many will feel extremely angry by Theresa May staying on just so she can push through her Brexit capitulation through parliament.

The only way therefore to get rid of Theresa May, as the Conservatives are not fit to do so, is through a general election.

If anyone has any ideas about how to force a general election please leave a comment below. We suspect it may have something to do with the DUP. They just need to withdraw their support for May’s government et voila..