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Can Vlad the Imperialist Take Our Playbook Further?

VIRGINIA - USA - CIA veteran Colonel Z. Brinkman Shadowplay III Esquire has written a rather lengthy letter to his old pal, Uncle Vlad extolling the virtues of needless butchery, imperialism and clandestine operations.

Espionage Experts: Google China Search Engine Data Will Go Straight to...

VIRGINIA - USA - The Google search engine in China will afford intelligence agencies a perfect window for gathering of crucial data about the regime and its people.

Former CIA Director Brennan Cleared For Clandestine Suicide Mission in Siberia

VIRGINIA - USA - After having his CIA security clearance revoked by Trump, a surprised John Brennan, has been offered a special mission deep in Russian territory.

Analysts: What is Going to Be Kim Jong-Un’s Next Move?

VIRGINIA - USA - Former analysts who worked for a clandestine agency reveal some of the scenarios of an escalation in tensions with the N. Korean communist state.

Wikileaks CIA Hacking Leak Latest

LONDON – England – According to the latest Wikileaks leak, the CIA can see, hear everything you do on your phone, computer or smart TV. Is this some sort of new revelation? Surely not?

Leaked Intelligence Report: Trump Golden Showers Extravaganza

MOSCOW - Russia - According to a leaked intelligence report, president elect Donald Trump was filmed by Russian agents receiving golden showers from prostitutes.

Petraeus to Feature in Next Bond Movie ‘The Spies Who Loved...

VIRGINIA - USA - Retired General Petraeus is going to star in the next James Bond feature film set to open next year.

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