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Petraeus to Feature in Next Bond Movie ‘The Spies Who Loved My Every Move’

VIRGINIA - USA - Retired General Petraeus is going to star in the next James Bond feature film set to open next year.

The new film is set in Benghazi, Libya, and features a top ranking US General who is caught in a love triangle whilst being monitored by agencies meant to be on his side.

“The thing is, Petreaus is balls deep in some serious Bond girly. No, we’re not talking Pussy Galore, but a hot biographer called Miss Broadwide who has a penchant for getting an all in session under the General’s desk whilst she’s telling other Mata Hari’s to back off,” executive producer, Domingo Espada told Empire magazine.

The majority of the film features just email conversations and huge scenes that would make even Roger Moore blush.

The Bond film’s title has also been debated by the screenwriters and producers.

The latest instalment in the Bond franchise will be released next year.

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