Fiscal Cliff Next to Deficit Mountain Near S*** Creek

WASHINGTON DC - USA - You know the U.S. election is over because no one cares about Ohio any more, the pharmaceutical ads are back on TV and people can say what they want again on Facebook without animosity.

“The only thing people are talking about now is the ‘Fiscal Cliff’. I don’t what that is or where it is but I heard from someone that it’s in Montana,” a confused postman from Kansas told CNN.

Capitol Hill insiders have been revealing to the U.S. population what the Fiscal Cliff is and how Obama is going to go straight over it soon.

“The Fiscal Cliff is a place right next to Deficit Mountain and it’s a place right in the middle of Shit Creek. Oh, and one more thing, in this creek is a lil boat with a guy called Obama in it. The boat don’t have a paddle, and it’s going over that cliff soon. I hope this explains the situation some,” the Capitol Hill insider revealed.