North Korea Gangnam Infection Has Worked Says Leader

PYONYANG - North Korea - The Communist state has revealed that they were the ones who implanted the Gangnam Style onto the South Korean nation.

“Gangnam style is North Korean psychological warfare on the South and it’s working. Anyone who does that shit just looks ridiculous and we have made the South Koreans look like complete imbeciles,” a senior North Korean psy-ops operative revealed to the Korean Central Broadcasting System yesterday.

Millions of people in South Korea, as well as the rest of the world, are now doing the Gangnam Style, and this has caused concern in uninfected nations.

Kim Jong Un, the new North Korean leader has applauded his operatives on an amazing brainwashing operation that has extended further than he ever dreamed about.


The Gangnam is often used in North Korean gulags to brainwash and re-educate citizens who have strayed from the path of Communist North Korea.

“Once you do the Gangnam Style, we can ask you to eat a dog poo off the sidewalk and you will. It is a form of brainwashing and mind control that is impossible to break away from,” another North Korean official revealed.