From Now On All Private Emails Will Be Public Says Obama

WASHINGTON DC - USA - In a new transparency drive by the White House and in the wake of the NSA snooping row, President Obama has vowed to make all private emails, social media conversations and telephone calls public.

“We’re going to post it all on the internet so we can show people that there is truly nothing to hide from. Privacy in the digital age is non existent anyway and I think people will feel liberated and relieved by my new directive,” President Obama said from his multi-million dollar European vacation.

The publication of millions of emails will be the first strand in the program and the US government is also working with the UK’s spy agency GCHQ to do the same for Britain.

Members of the public were strangely sanguine and accepting of the new ruling.

“I welcome all my private emails being published on the internet by the government. I’m a narcissistic exhibitionist anyway as all my Facebook friends already know,” Julia Sentermo, a student from Tulsa, Oklahoma told Fox News.

President Obama then went on to say: “We’re truly bringing the world together. It’s good to talk. We’ve been reading your stuff for years, and now everyone will be reading what we’ve been reading. Have fun folks.”

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