NSA Pizza Delivery Service Even Knows Your Favourite Toppings

MARYLAND - USA - The National Security Agency (NSA) knows so much about everyone that they can now order you a pizza with your favourite toppings.

Just dial NSA PIZZA stating your social security number and you will not only get a piping hot pizza with your favourite toppings but if they’re two minutes late then they’ll throw in a side order of something you ordered in 2004.

“This is the most amazing service because you never actually see who delivers your pizza either. It like magically turns up on your doorstep and all you see is an unmarked government registered vehicle leaving your house at great speed. They got my favourite toppings and I hate garlic dip so they left that out too,” a pleased customer from the Fort George G. Meade area told local news crews reporting on the amazing story.

The covert NSA pizza delivery service is guaranteed to give you a smile and a full belly every time, just don’t ask too many questions about it.