Letting Agent Sacked For Getting a Conscience

LONDON - England - A letting agent has been sacked from the letting consultancy he worked for when he suddenly got a pang of conscience.

“I used to be a smug piece of sh*t in a cheap grey suit with no conscience and would happily rip renters and landlords off with astronomical fees for basically doing bugger all, but one day I looked down at my shoes and started crying uncontrollably,” the reformed letting agent revealed.

According to the tribunal minutes, the former letting agent then asked his manager if he could reduce the tenancy set up fee of £800 for a struggling newly wed couple, but was dismissed on the spot.

“I’ve ripped off so many people, and this is going on day in day out. These crooked lettings companies are making huge profits from thin air off the misery of ordinary people. I would much rather be unemployed as I am now than continue the daylight robbery.”

One tenant said: “I’m glad one of them got a consicience but the majority of lettings agents are parasites, leeches and scum. Every time I see a dog turd on a street I say to myself, there lies another letting agent.”