Experts: “Recessions Never Come in Ones”

LONDON - England - An earthquake has tremors, and this is the same case with recessions.

The mild hiccup in 2008, touted as the worst crisis in fifty years, was a small tremor, and the real earthquake has not yet hit. The reaction to the financial tremor in 2008 was a blitz of Quantitative Easing, however the treatment was worse than the ailment and if the economists had simply let the tremor run its course allowing the weak financial institutions to fail we would be out of the mess by now. Instead, world economists made the problem worse with QE and we are soon going to receive an earthquake so large that it may not be recoverable. Maybe this was planned in the first place.

“Sooner or later they’re going to have to stop printing money. What happens then? Well, we go back to 2008 times a thousand. It’s very simple, China’s credit bubble is close to popping already, and America’s top heavy debt mountain will topple. It’s just physics. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. You cannot prop up a failed system or financial institutions like the US, UK tried to do, they were only buying time,” Giles Hansen, an expert in geo-economics at the Global Economics Forum think tank revealed.

Such fatalistic rhetoric may be swept under the carpet by many, but there are people who know what is going on quietly preparing themselves.

“After 2008, we realised that the old world system is defunct. The New World Order cannot come into being with something that is unworkable. The consumer led societies of yesterday are redundant and the elite want to move forward fast. If it takes total war and destruction or a lab created virus, they are prepared for the collateral damage of the populations that are currently sustaining them with tax revenue. Technological singularity has now made the consumer redundant, and the elite will in the future look for robotic slaves that do not need to be entertained or mollycoddled. The tax cash cows were used to achieve technological supremacy for the elite. The eminent Bertrand Russell, and Aldous Huxley all knew what was to come as did George Orwell,” another researcher on the project revealed.

It’s not all bad news though; according to the economic experts, the world will once again return to a sustainable future after the problem is solved leaving only a select few elite to enjoy living in Elysium.