Murdoch: “Don’t You Dare Tell the Truth Mr Scarfe”

LONDON - England - Questions, questions, questions. Like, why is it OK to be anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Palestinian but as soon as anyone so much as says something vaguely critical about the Israeli government or Jewish people they are immediately silenced, told they are anti-semitic, and erased from all forms of media?

This may be one of the questions Rupert Murdoch may want to answer after silencing the genius of satirical illustrator Gerald Scarfe.

Scarfe’s brand of Juvenalian satire sometimes cuts a little too close to the bone for the insidious seedy controllers who run the mainstream media.

“What I want to know is how on earth did the Sunday Times get to run that Scarfe Palestinian cartoon, especially on Holocaust day, and most of all on a Murdoch publication? Will heads roll? Most certainly they will, or probably have,” an anonymous source within the Times Group revealed.

Naturally, because of Murdoch’s parentage, he is staunchly tied to the motherland and it is quite troubling that he did not see the Scarfe cartoon beforehand. Besides tweeting about the ‘Jewish controlled media’ maybe Mr Murdoch needs to take a closer look on his own media?

“We certainly cannot have any form of criticism of the Israelis or Jewish culture in any form and if you do, you are anti-semitic. It is one law for us Jews, because after all we are the chosen race, and another law for the rest of the dogs, gentiles, shiksas, goyim, monkeys and other lower life forms,” Binyamin Netanyahu said from the Israeli Knesset.

  • Anonymous

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize

  • Winston

    Great article – No there should never be criticisie of Israel. They are chosen. They have chosen to Occupy someone else's land. How dare the rest of the world criticise them for doing this. If they choose to build a wall that carves through that land why can't they?
    If they choose to kill 7 Palestinian young people since the New Year why can't they?
    If they choose to have seperate roads and seperate schools for one race why can't they?
    If they choose to ethnically cleanse parts of the West Bank with settlements why can't they?
    Let them do what they choose.
    What right does anyone have to criticise them. They are chosen.

  • Ari

    Jews have a right to exist in Israel and it is the Palestinians who say we should not exist. For how long have articles like THIS one appeared? Get over it. Israel is our land and the land of the Bible. Stop your antisemitism it is getting very very old.