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Rupert Murdoch Cautioned For Reading Whilst Driving

LONDON - England - Media magnate, Rupert Murdoch, has been cautioned by police for driving whilst reading, the Sun newspaper has reported.

Rupert Murdoch who touched down in the UK earlier on in the day is in town to oversee the massive corruption scandal that has embroiled his British newspapers.

Traffic police were said to have stopped the 80-year-old tycoon driving his Ford Escort at 50 mph in Wapping, which is close to the News of the World offices.

“Our officers made a routine traffic stop on an elderly gentleman who was reading a newspaper whilst attempting to drive at the same time. The fact that he was driving on the pavement and had mowed down a Guardian journalist is neither her nor there. Suffice to say, the brown envelope Mr Murdoch gave me after the incident was sufficient cause for me to caution said driver and tell him to be on his way. This time, the driver put the newspaper down on the empty passenger seat, reversed back over the Guardian journalist, then continued forward over the deceased journalist to his destination,” a police spokeswoman told the Times newspaper.

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