Campaign For Rebekah's Law Begins

LONDON - England - After the phone hacking crimes committed by News International were exposed to the world, a new law is going to come into effect by next year, Whitehall bureaucrats have announced.

Rebekah’s Law will ensure that anyone who wants to know if they live within a 10-mile radius of a News Corp. journalist can consult a special database.

The Home Office pilot is being extended to eight more forces in England next year.

There are fears however among police forces in England and Wales that Rebekah’s Law could encourage vigilantes to seek revenge against News of the World, Sun and Times journalists or anything else owned by the Murdochs.

“It is a very real danger that there could be some real hacking going on. We’re talking about machete and axe type hacking, not the kind that the News Corp. journalists are party to,” Chief Constable Tommy Dowler of the Association of Chief Police Officers said.

“We remain concerned about the risk of vigilante action and News International journalists going underground. All new local schemes need close management and proper resourcing to avoid this,” a concerned citizen told the BBC yesterday.

But Chief Constable Dowler said people would not need to share the information as police would inform any affected party.

  • Anna Hadley

    Already have..and persuaded all friends and family to do the same..

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Fix News!

  • Guy Weston

    Anna, laudable position but would you cancel your Sky subscription too?

  • Jayden
  • Jassy

    This is a very serious blow to the Murdoch empire because the NoW was bringing the bread and butter money for the Times which is losing money every day. It's up to the sun now and I know someone who works for them who told me that Murdoch is gonna just put them up on Sundays too. They'll just call it the Sun on Sunday. Makes sense huh.

  • Anna Hadley

    Good one Squib. It is very ironic that while the news of the world was writing sorrowfull stories about the victims of terrible crimes and terroris attacks they were simultanously hacking the victim's phones. I mean how sick were these people?

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I will never buy another Murdoch owned paper ever again