The News is the News

LONDON - England - Rupert Murdoch was fielding calls from an increasingly embattled Rebekah Brooks this morning as she begged to be kept in the top spot of News International despite the many scandals she has been party to.

The CEO of News International, Rebekah Brooks, is increasingly under pressure from the media and public as well as members of parliament to go but she is holding on valiantly.

As millions of incriminating email documents were systematically deleted detailing widespread corruption with mass payments to police officers in the Met, News of the World staff were scrambling to shred as much evidence as they possibly can before the rozzers arrive.

“The reason that Murdoch is holding on to Rebekah’s job is if she were to go, she might blab. That’s the only reason Rupert would dump a 187-year-old institution instead of her. She’s got the names that go all the way up to Murdoch and his weasel son. If she gets pushed under, then Murdoch could be in the dock, and there’s no way that will ever happen. Everyone knows that Murdoch has ties with corrupt police officers and the criminal underworld. It’s just that he is putting her in front as a human shield, although she’s not human, more like Medusa, if you ask me,” a Fleet Street contact revealed in the Guardian today.