New Houses of Parliament Design Proposal Accepted

LONDON - England - The Houses of Parliament are set for an architectural revamp by up-and-coming architect Gandolpho Huhne.

Even Prince Charles has been wowed by the new Houses of Parliament design and has fully endorsed the radical proposal.

“When the armoured secure vehicles transport the MPs through the solid new gates, they will be kept there in the Houses of Parliament for as long as their sentences are required to be incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Pleasure,” Rupert Magwitch, head of the presentation team for Huhne Architectural Services, said.

Some MPs have voiced their concerns for the new design but were swiftly put in their place with a bout of solitary.

The architect revealed to Architecture Today magazine that he came up with the idea for the new design whilst speeding in his car with his wife.

“I told my wife to take the wheel whilst I drew up a design on a napkin. We were doing 70mph in a 20 zone. If it wasn’t for her help I wouldn’t have got the commission.”

Building for the new Houses of Parliament project will commence next week.