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Are Mass Hypno Parties the Latest Big Thing?

ALABAMA - USA - No you might think we're talking about an Obama campaign rally but you would be wrong. Private mass hypnosis parties are the latest craze to hit teenage kids in America.

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“Like we get about fifty to a hundred kids in a room and everyone gets hynotised by each other. The beauty of this is that we all do it in silence and just sit there in a hypnotic altered state of consciousness until someone snaps us all out of it,” Doug Schulz, a freshman from Alabama’s Ducats University told local news outlets.

The mass hypno craze seems to be spreading like wildfire from state to state and is causing parents some concern.

“I guess if it’s a toss up between lil Jimmy becoming a gang banger, smoking weed or getting some girl pregnant, we opt for mass hypnosis. At least this way he sits there in a room for hours and does no harm to anyone or himself,” David Weinsberger, a concerned parent told CBS news.

Professor Julien Senrero from Harvard University explains a little more about the phenomena: “Contrary to belief, mass hypnosis parties have been performed on Americans for a long time. If anyone ever attended a church service; a football, baseball game or went to the cinema to watch a movie, you have been party to some form of mass hypnosis. Even something as innocent as watching the TV is a form of hypnosis.”

As the mass hypnosis parties spread across America, one thing is for sure, teens are embracing a clean and quiet bit of fun and there is nothing to be afraid of. Your eyes are getting tired, you can feel your eyelids getting heavier, slowly close your eyes now and relax…ahhhh…

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