Lying Politician Caught

LONDON - England - It is a very rare occurrence, but sometimes it does happen. Justice could finally be served up to a lying politician, however, the slippery bastard could still get away if he has his way.

The politician’s creed is one of denying everything even if you are up against the firing squad, however, if your own progeny outs you as a liar, then you are shit out of luck.

Chris Huhne, is a liar, but he is a politician and he should not be punished for what politicians do. Now that a politician has been uncovered as a liar, there may be consequences for other politicians, and this could be a very dangerous can of worms to open.

“Chris Huhne is a liar, but so is every politician. I think it is certainly a bit rich to give him a hard time when all politicians in the British parliament and around the world are liars. This is the first rule you learn in any parliament, lying is part of being in the political business of lies. If you don’t lie, you get fucked, if you do lie and get caught, you’re fucked but you nearly got away with it and you bloody well tried your best. Deny everything is the creed of all politicians. The scum public should never know that,” a Westminster insider revealed today.

Do not punish politicians for doing their jobs.