Tories Revolt at Cameron Animal Marriage Proposals

LONDON - England - Why stop at gay marriage? Why not be allowed to marry animals in places of worship? Has David Cameron lost the plot completely?

Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg are steaming ahead with proposals to legalise animal-human marriage in the UK, after the gay marriage law was legalised last week.

Currently the laws in Britain forbid any forms of Bestiality but things could change soon enough as people will be allowed to marry their chosen animals, the Home Office has announced.

“We have had proposals from Number10 that they want to have animal marriages for the UK. I suppose if one is to allow gay marriages in places of worship, there should not be any reason to forbid animal marriages between humans and beasts,” a Whitehall administrator revealed.

The new White Paper sets out a timetable for introducing the new Bestiality Marriage laws in England.

In Scotland and Wales, it has been legal to marry farm animals for hundreds of years so there will not be any need for law changes there.

The Conservative party is however split down the middle with the new animal marriage proposals, as one side likes a good duck house f*ck session and the other does not.

Labour’s Ed Balls weighed in yesterday by saying he’s always enjoyed his regular balls deep farm yard trips to Norfolk and fully supports the new animal marriage laws.