Prince Harry to do Third Tour of Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - USA - Prince Harry is set to do his third tour of Las Vegas his entourage has revealed to the tabloid press.

“It’s back to snorting vodka shots, naked pics of my ginger nuts and $30,000 per night suites with lines of coke on the plexi-glass tables and plenty of totty to take pics of me to distribute all over the social networks,” the errant prince told local Las Vegas news outlets on Thursday.

It’s business as usual for prince Harry. Expect to see loads of photos of the naked prince humping Vegas bimbos and trying to hide under a scuffed straw hat in the pool.

His third tour of Las Vegas should last another 48 hours before the palace shuts the whole thing down again.

“I’m worried for Harry but I am sure he’s going to go all in and do us proud,” Prince Charles said yesterday. Harry’s dad was said to proud of his son too, and extended his good wishes to his son.

Good luck prince Harry on your third tour of Las Vegas from the Squib team.