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Labour Deputy Angela Rayner’s Furry Panda Big Hit in Cabinet

LONDON - England - Labour deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has brought out her furry panda out for all parliament.

One Thing Lockdown Shows: Many Politicians are Irrelevant

LONDON - England - The coronavirus lockdown has shown that many politicians in parliament are irrelevant and useless.

Brexit Betrayal : House of Lords Trying to Stop Brexit Again

LONDON - England - Brexit is once again being thwarted by unelected peers in the House of Lords who wish to deny democracy to the people.

Parliament Bill Denying 2016 EU Referendum Ever Occurred Passes into Law

LONDON - England - Much to the relief of parliamentarians and other undemocratic elements, the House of Lords has passed a bill into law denying the existence of the 2016 EU Referendum. It has now been officially declared that it never happened.

House of Commons to Pass Act to Abolish Unelected House of...

LONDON - England - Members of the House of Commons are to push through a new act curtailing the powers of the unelected House of Lords.

House of Lords: Rats in the Sewer

LONDON - England - The House of Lords has been overrun by filthy sewer rats and pest controllers have been called in to clean up.

Sacked Heseltine Back to Strangling Dogs

LONDON – England – The EU communist loving Lord Heseltine, a failure at many things, including become PM, has been sacked by the Conservatives for leading a rebellion to thwart Brexit in the House of Lords.

House of Lords to be Made into Art Gallery

LONDON – England – After a number of calls to cull the outdated House of Lords and multiple petitions, the government is considering making the Lords an art gallery showing both classical and contemporary works of art.

Lords Thwart Brexit: Prepare For Civil War

LONDON - England - Blood will run in the streets if the Lords dare to thwart the will of the people as mandated on June 23 2016 with the EU referendum.

Article 50: House of Lords or Labour Appointed Euro-Peers on EU...

LONDON - England - The final hurdle in political scrutiny in the House of Lords brought upon by the miserable Remoaners and their insidious campaign to derail the peoples vote that was conclusively for Brexit, will be the test of all tests.

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