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Brexit Betrayal : House of Lords Trying to Stop Brexit Again

LONDON - England - Brexit is once again being thwarted by unelected peers in the House of Lords who wish to deny democracy to the people.

We haven’t mentioned Brexit for a while on the Squib, partly because we are still not sure if it will ever occur.

Boris, has a plan, yes, but we are still stuck with an unconstitutional House of Lords full of unelected Remainers and assorted Marxist Lords cherry picked from Labour and Lib Dem benches probably by Guy Verhofstadt himself.

Will Britain ever leave the EU? Well, not if the House of Lords has its evil way, as it seeks to quash any form of democracy in Britain. Boris’ exit bill has been downvoted four times in a matter of days and is now awaiting further Remainer amendments and time-wasting.

Let us just say, we will believe Brexit happens when we actually see it happen, and as we have ten days till the deadline, it does not seem to be happening, thanks to the shameful corrupt pieces of Remainer detritus in the House of Lords, who are all on the EU payroll.

To add insult to injury, Bercow and Watson are to get seats in the Lords. Fucking disgrace.

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